The PLK Story

Located just south of Atlanta in Fayetteville, GA....Papa Lou's Kitchen is a true staple of Southern Home Cooking from esteemed Chef Papa Lou.

Photos and production by Lou III


Opened on October 7, 2007 and originally named "Lockett's Superstar Cafe." Over the years as Papa Lou became a well known and admired Chef in the community,  it was renamed "Papa Lou's Kitchen" to signify his hard work in the kitchen,the housewarming nature of its staff, use of special recipes, and giving customers the genuine feeling of being served a Home Cooked Meal.

Known for its delicious Fried Green Tomatoes,  Tender Baked Meats, Crispy Fried Chicken, Sunday Specials menu and its signature Mac n Cheese. Add in Seasoned Veggies, Freshly Baked Cornbread n Biscuits, a Sweet Tea or Lemonade and a Homemade've now just had a delicious, home cooked meal from Papa Lou's Kitchen!

Come and try it for yourself!